Imre Gémes

Research Assistant | ANET Lab, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Budapest, Hungary
Master’s Student | Economic Analysis MSc, Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary


Imre Gémes is motivated to develop community detection algorithms in network science based on multidimensional similarity metrics. He earned his BSc degree in applied economics at the Corvinus University of Budapest in 2022. In the thesis work, he compared different types of coronavirus vaccine efficiencies over various periods using ARIMA models. As a Master’s student in economic analysis at the Corvinus University of Budapest, he specializes in industrial organization and market analysis. In his thesis, he investigates how the composition of the Hungarian petrol market participants affects price competition. Imre attended the University of Amsterdam Summer School in 2022, studying sustainable urban ecosystems, and subsequently founded the Sustainability Workshop in his College. As a member of the Rajk College for Advanced Studies, he is dedicated to taking extracurricular subjects, participating in social responsibility projects, and shaping his local community. Currently, his main project in the field of network science is to develop a validation tool to measure grouping performance and tune community detection algorithms.