Dorottya Hoór

Junior Research Fellow | ANET Lab, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Budapest, Hungary


Dorottya completed her PhD degree in Sociology at the University of Manchester in 2020. Even though her main research interest lies in Social Network Analysis (SNA), as part of her interdisciplinary training, she earned an MA degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology with a specialisation in Global and Urban Studies at Central European University, and a BA degree in Economics and Psychology at the University of Glasgow, both with distinction, and has been trained in a wide range of methodological tools.
In her doctoral thesis she explored the lived experiences of high-skilled Hungarian returning migrants form a social network perspective, while previously she studied the personal networks of local refugees and expatriates in Budapest to better understand their diverse integration strategies.
In general, besides the intersection and combination of SNA and migration studies, she is interested in how social relations structure and shape individuals’ experiences and opportunities. In particular, she is keen on projects that explore negative and/or ambivalent social ties in different contexts, such as (return) migration, academic careers, narrative networks and domestic violence.