Moritz Goldbeck

ANET Lab Seminar Series: Moritz Goldbeck

Moritz Goldbeck (University of Munich): Understanding Digital Knowledge Work by Mining GitHub: A Medley of Research Projects

Abstract | The digital economy is responsible for significant productivity gains, with knowledge workers driving technological progress. At the same time, digitization also impacts knowledge work in various ways. Data originating from the by far largest online code platform GitHub offers a rich microcosm to study the interplay between digitization, geography, and knowledge work. Software development is part of almost any high-tech endeavor today and represents a prime example of a highly digitized occupation in the knowledge economy. This talk showcases examples of research that leverages data from GitHub to generate economic insights on digital knowledge work. Topics span a broad range of fields with a focus on economic geography: colocation, remote collaboration, agglomeration effects, border effects, labor market signaling, and open source.

Bio | Moritz is an economist with a background in empirical research and policy consulting. His interests center around digital transformation, globalization, and labor economics. He currently is a PhD student in economics at the University of Munich and works as a Junior Economist at ifo Institute. Moritz studied in Boston, Munich, Istanbul, and Frankfurt.

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