Andreas Diemer

ANET Lab Seminar Series: Andreas Diemer

Andreas Diemer (Stockholm University): The role of social ties in racial segregation: a measure of isolation based on social interactions

Abstract | We study the extent of segregation in the social space of American cities. We measure segregation as the (lack of) actual personal connections between groups as opposed to conventional measures based on spatial relationships. We first conceptualise how social segregation in American cities compares to geographical segregation and why the differentiation is important. Second, we create city-level indices of social segregation and compare these with their spatial counterparts. We explore how various features of the urban space correlate with the discrepancies we observe. Third, we explore outcomes related to social exposure across neighbourhoods within-city and holding residential exposure fixed. Finally, we conclude discussing our findings and avenues for future research.

Bio | I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) at Stockholm University. I am also part of the Urban Lab, a research initiative at Uppsala University, and visiting fellow at the London School of Economics, where I completed my PhD in Economic Geography. Before my PhD, I studied at Sciences Po in Paris, and at Bocconi University in Milan. My research interest is in applied urban and regional economics, with an emphasis on the role of social interactions in determining the economic outcomes of people and places. Outside of academia, I consulted in various capacities for the public sector, conducting studies and evaluations, notably in the area of EU regional policy.