about us

ANET Lab is an interdisciplinary research group at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences sponsored by the prestigious Lendület Program. Our home is the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies.

We are passionate about understanding how social and communication networks facilitate economic and technological development in cities and regions and combine approaches of economics, geography, network science and computational social science to explore this fascinating area of inquiry.

Cities are growing on the globe with unprecedented pace, which leads to new problems and also to expanding potentials of technological and economic progress.

Most of economic development is created in cities because densely populated areas induce socializing potential and breed learning and innovation of individuals and firms.


Creative Performance

Network position is believed to influence individual outcomes. We look at collaboration networks in technological innovation and in creative industries in cities and analyze how networks help the success of individuals and firms.

Regional Development

Most of professional communication happens at workplaces where social interactions are turned into economic value. We investigate how social relations are formed at workplaces and how co-worker networks induce economic development of cities and regions.

Spatial Diffusion of Innovation

New products, services and technologies typically stem from an original location and diffuse to other places in case they are successful. We study how innovation spreads across space and through social networks.

Innovative Collaboration

Collaboration in technological innovation is mostly local due to spatial constraints but working with distant partners usually pays off. We study the spatial dynamics of scientific and innovation-related collaboration to inform policy about opportunities and threats of innovative projects.

Selected Publications